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In the developed and modernized world of today, plumbing infrastructure has become critical for public health and sanitation. And, in order to fulfill the growing demand for its tools, we have stocked our store with all the possible tools required in this industry for installation or maintenance. 

Check out some of our super-handy plumbing tools to make your job easier.



a. Basin Buddy Net Wrench

  • Fits around supply line and 1/2" faucet shank
  • Precision machining 
  • Unique slots in top of wrench 
  • Includes 3/8" ratchet adapter

b. Moen Stem Puller

  • Removes Moen stems and cartridges 
  • Removes cartridge 

c. Compression Sleeve Puller

  • Removes copper pipe
  • Heavy duty pulling power
  • Great for home repairs

d. Nut Cracker

  • Easily remove locknuts
  • Cut through rusted shank nuts
  • Cut through opposite side of nuts
  • Heat treated cutter blades

e. Adjustable Internal Spud Wrench

  • Remove or install urinal or closet spud
  • Adjustable to work with brass spud

f. Telescoping Basin Wrench

  • Maneuvered into tight awkward places
  • Extends from 9" to 16"
  • Swivel jaw with spring
  • Large jaw fits up to 2" locknuts

g. Garbage Disposer Wrench

  • Release jammed garbage disposers
  • 1/2" solid steel 
  • 10" length keeps your hands far from the blades
  • Leg swivels for easy maneuverability 

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Even we have technicians who are ready to work with high-tech plumbing equipment for meeting your requirements. So, allow us to make your plumbing system work efficiently by contacting us online or at our nearest office.